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Power Flushing

A power flush is a cleaning procedure carried out by a professional that is trained and experienced. Power flushing your central heating system means cleaning the central heating water, the pipes, pump, radiators and the boiler, everything that the central heating water runs through. Power flushing is so important the Building Regulations have now seen it necessary to make it a mandatory procedure where you are adding a new boiler to an existing central heating system.

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The benefits of having a power flush…

  • Increased Efficiency:
    The more sludge that is removed the more efficient you system will be.
  • System Reliability:
    Clean systems break down less, as no sludge means no blockages, and less wear & tear on the parts that make up the system.
  • Savings:
    You will save money from not having breakdowns and in the increase of efficiency in your system.

When should you have a power flush carried out?

  • New Installation:
    We would always recommend having your system power flush if you were having a replacement boiler. This is to ensure there is no sludge or build up of impurities in the system to damage your new boiler.
  • Existing Central Heating Systems:
    If your radiators are not working efficiently and the water in your system is dirty we would recommend a power flush to clean it through. If you have cold spots in your radiators or if some of your radiators are simply not getting hot then we recommend checking the state of the water within your central heating system and if it is in a poor state we recommend carrying out a power flush.

What is involved in carrying out a power flush?

The power flushing process involves pumping chemicals into and through the central heating to loosen and flush out the black iron oxide that has built up. The power flushing process is very clean and tidy and takes up to a day to carry out depending on the amount of radiators in your property.

Once we have carried out a power flush we will always add the necessary inhibitor to the system to ensure it will remain in the best possible condition and we recommend fitting a MagnaClean®.

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